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Project: to create an identity system for a micronation that is based off of an existing group in society. The system includes a Coat of Arms and a state ID.

I created Trine: formed from cities in the Triangle, NC: consisting of the regions Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Trine breaks off after the Trump election when the liberals are disillusioned and scared. Because Trine exists in a conservative state, they want to establish their own nation that is representative of their value system. The project seeks to create an identity system that is representative of how the members of Trine view themselves and can be viewed as a subsequent critique of liberal elitism, isolationism, and how their values actually play out.

Coat of Arms

Indicates levels of achievements and represents a specific value system. For my micronation, Trine—the value system is of intellectual and professional achievements. The COA is used as an incentive to encourage a productive communal effort towards achieving specific values established by Trine in the areas of: the Education, Social Justice, Technology, Globalization, Environment, Healthcare, Creativity, Multiculturalism. The COA is worn as a fashion device. Think of it as a colorful, beautiful resume you can wear on your arm. 

ID Card

The ID card for Trine is designed to look modern. It is a digital, wearable pod with biometric capablities and includes a pass for a light rail system. 

Using Format